Since signing with the Carolina Panthers as a free agent in late September, safety Eric Reid has been drug-tested by the NFL a total of seven times, including the mandatory test he took with his physical. 

Reid's most recent "random" test came immediately after the Panthers 12-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

"I've been here 11 weeks, I've been drug-tested seven times," Reid says in the video embedded below. "That has to be statistically impossible. I'm not a mathematician, but there's no way that's random." Additionally, the 27-year old defensive back says the random drug tests will also be part of his collusion case against the NFL.

According to Sports Illustrated, the NFL's random drug test system features a computer randomly selecting 10 players on each team to be tested for a given week. An independent administrator runs the system. According to Yahoo Sports, there is a 0.17% chance of Reid getting chosen six times for random drug tests during his 11 weeks in Carolina.

In 2016, Reid and Colin Kaepernick were teammates on the San Francisco 49ers and both took part in kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Last season, the NFLPA filed a grievance with the NFL on Reid's behalf, alleging that team owners and the league, influenced by President Donald Trump, colluded to prevent his employment because of his protests.