Carolina Panthers lineman Michael Oher has been cited for reportedly assaulting an Uber driver in Nashville, Tennessee last month and has been ordered to appear in court on May 8th for the charge, a misdemeanor. 

According to ESPN, the Uber driver claims he picked up Oher and four other friends to go to a restaurant and an argument broke out when Oher suggested the driver did not know where he was going.

After reaching the restaurant, the argument between Oher and the driver continued as both men got out of the car. Bold move by the driver to get out of the car to further argue with a hulking 6'4 300+ pounder, but I regress. 

The police report states, "the victim then put his hands towards the suspect's face and the suspect pushed him down onto the ground" and "the suspect then kicked him in the leg while he was on the ground.''

Oher's friends got out of the car and restrained him before things escalated further. 

The Panthers released a brief statement regarding the incident, per ESPN,

"We are aware an incident occurred involving Michael,'' team spokesman Steven Drummond said. "We have no further comment at this time.''