Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey helped save a 72-year old man's life after he fell about 20 feet onto a rock while hiking in Colorado, according to reports

McCaffrey, who was a rookie with the Panthers last season, was reportedly on a hike with his brothers, Dylan and Max, and two friends when they witnessed a man fall two roughly stories and rushed to help. 

Via the Panthers:

McCaffrey – along with his brothers Dylan and Max and friends Michael Mann and Brooke Pettet – went to Castle Rock. They were making their way to the top when they turned a corner and saw something that will stay with them forever.

Eli Smoker was hiking with his grandfather, Dan Smoker, Sr.

Then the 72-year-old fell – about 20 feet onto a rock.

“It felt like he was in the air for 10 seconds,” Christian McCaffrey said. “I had never seen anything quite like that in my life as far as the trauma and the sound. We were in shock.”

McCaffrey, a Colorado native, said paramedics arrived within 11 minutes after he called 911. Smoker Sr. reportedly suffered a broken femur and broken pelvis among other injuries but he survived thanks to the help of the McCaffreys and their friends. Smoker Sr.'s son took to twitter to thank the group, who later visited with the family at the hospital after the harrowing ordeal.