London skateboard and streetwear brand Palace is teaming with Ralph Lauren to produce a collaboration in the near future, sometime after the launch of their 2018 Winter Collection.

According to HighSnobiety, three large billboards announcing the partnership have been erected in the fashion mecca of Tokyo, Japan. Exhibit A just below shows a certain element of concurrence in the way both companies have gone about branding the project, with the trademark Polo player sitting overhead the regular scripted logo for Palace.

Palace which boasts fairly nice rugby sweater on its own accord is about to receive the type of manic treatment reserved for the Polo and Polo Sport brand by crazed "Lo Lifes," known in the past for boosting entires sales racks in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Guerilla marketing of this kind is not unusual for the London brand. In terms of marketing, the ability to create intrigue is as valuable a commodity as anything that can be stated in words. This current guerilla campaign is only months removed from an ever-successful collaboration put forth with Adidas, for this years Wimbledon tournament.

As of this writing, the mysterious billboards are all the information we have at our disposal.