UFC fighters can sustain some pretty gruesome injuries that take years to recover from. These injuries usually require some pretty gnarly surgeries and Paige VanZant knows this better than anyone. Back in January of 2018, VanZant hurt her arms while performing a move on Jessica Rose-Clark and the arm hasn't been the same since. She has been under the knife for two surgeries since that fight but unfortunately, it hasn't been enough to bring it all the way back to 100%. 

On Thursday, VanZant underwent another surgery and this time, she decided to document it. According to TMZ Sports, the fighter had a metal rod put in her arm as a way to stabilize it. As you would imagine, having a metal rod installed in your arm means surgeons have to make some pretty deep cuts and that's exactly what VanZant decided to show us in graphic detail.

In the Instagram post below, which is very graphic so look at your own risk, you can see flesh, bone, and a whole lot of blood as surgeons try to secure the rod in her arm. It's a pretty nasty sight to look at and the commenters reflect just how bad it seems.

Regardless of how you feel about the photos, you have to feel sympathetic towards VanZant who is working towards a full recovery. Hopefully, she'll be back in the Octagon sooner than later.