Pacman Jones has been the headlines of late, and judging by his public appearances, the NFL cornerback is in no mood to play. TMZ caught up with the controversial football player while he was holding In-N-Out leftovers outside of customs. The field reporter wanted his thoughts on the NFLPA's decision to challenge the league's new stance on anthem protests, and Jones was more than willing to speak his mind.

For one, Jones is all for standing during the National Anthem. He mentioned that a couple family members suited up in Iraq, and that alone made it difficult for him to get behind the resistance felt around the league. "I'm all for standing for the anthem," Pacman told TMZ. "I have a couple of family members that have been over to Iraq."

Pacman Jones further explained his position by creating a separation between "Social Issues" and "League Tradition." He insists that is players would like to protest the demands of their trade, they ought to "figure out another way." 

Jones recently fought with an Airport employee in the same locale TMZ conducted its interview. The fight left the pending free agent with a laceration on his face. The airport employee was deemed the aggressor in the altercation, thus absolving Jones of any criminal charges.