Pablo Escobar has received some renewed interest in his criminal exploits, thanks in part to the hugely popular Netflix series Narcos, which depicts his rapid ascent to becoming a notable drug kingpin. Now it seems that his brother, Roberto Escobar, is looking to make waves in society in a less obstructive and more meaningful way.

The Next Web reports that Escobar has just launched his very first cryptocurrency, which is being called dietbitcoin (or DDX for market purposes.) Olof Gustafsson, the CEO of Escobar Inc., describes this business venture as "Roberto Escobar's gift to the people." He also explains the interesting reasoning behind the coin's inception, admitting that "basically, an undercover CIA agent tried to infiltrate our company, Escobar Inc, and ultimately Roberto Escobar figured out that the CIA was behind this, and that they were behind Bitcoin. So, basically Bitcoin was created by the American government."

Gustafsson continues to note how "Roberto is a firm believer that a lot of these coins are scams, so he wanted to create something that will truly be a forever lasting coin, so he created dietbitcoin (DDX) for the people." 

"If Roberto Escobar, who has made over $100 billion, wants to create a bitcoin competitor, then that is exactly what will happen," reveals Gustafsson. "Because when Roberto Escobar does something, it becomes big. Roberto Escobar will crush bitcoin in the long-run."

Dietbitcoin is being marketed as a staunch opponent to Bitcoin, and will reportedly be lighter and faster than its very ubiquitous competitor. Escobar Inc. intends to sell this latest cryptocurrency at a cheaper price, alongside utilizing a "peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks."