Pablo Escobar's brother, Robert Escobar, has voiced his unfiltered opinion about entrepreneur Elon Musk recently. The comment was made during a discussion with TheBlast wherein Robert Escobar spoke about the many legal battles he underwent in recent years so his family could reacquire rights to his brother's name and likeness on the web. The Escobar sibling recently won a legal battle and acquired full control of his brother's official website ( According to aforementioned news outlet, Robert now plans to sell a series of goods and services on the website. "I’m going to make the best website in the world of websites," were the words Escobar shared with the source. Furthermore, he plans on selling "all things related to Pablo Escobar" on the site. 

Issues between Escobar and Tesla CEO Elon Musk began due to allegations that Musk stole designs of a flamethrower the drug kingpin's brother intended to sell on the website. Escobar alleges that Musk not only copied the designs but also began selling them under the names "Not-a-Flamethrower." Escobar is now threatening to sue Elon Musk if he does not pay up to $100 million dollars. Additionally, Escobar shared: "I am still trying to reach him for the $100 million dollars. Before we had an open line of communication. Now he is ignoring me. I don’t know if he is crazy or what. I win every fight. When Elon looks to the left, he should look all of the way to his back, and see who is there. It is Roberto Escobar…legally [...] Elon is a small little imported snake."