On Drake "We Mae It (Remix)," the OVO boss claimed that Toronto's P. Reign was "next up," and now it looks like the MC's next mixtape is finally set to go. Funnily enough, Kevin Durant shared the artwork, tracklist and release date on his Instagram. With a stacked guest list, Dear America looks like it will be Reign's breakout tape, but we'll have to wait until September 2nd to know for sure.

Both sides of the artwork are in the gallery above, and the tracklist is below.

01. Intro
02. Different Now ‘Thinking Out Loud’
03. Pay Day
04. Welcome To The Future (feat. French Montana)
05. DnF (feat. Drake & Future)
06. Obama Freestyle
07. He’s A Rapper (Skit)
08. You Know/It’s You
09. Waiver (Skit)
10. All My Life
11. Rihanna
12. Chickens (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
13. Pon Tour
14. Realest In The City (feat. Meek Mill & PARTYNEXTDOOR)
15. We Them (feat. A$AP Rocky)
16. In This Cup/Cry For You
17. Camera
18. Dream

[Update: Artwork & Snippet Revealed For The Drake-featured Single “DNF”]

After catching the official tracklist the other day, fans immediately started gravitating to P. Reign's highly anticipated record featuring Drake and Future titled “DNF (Drunk N Fuck)”. With the single set to drop August 25th (along with the project’s pre-orders), fans can now check out the official artwork for the upcoming single, as well as hear a nice little snippet.

It appears that Drake will be featured on the hook in this one, as he can be heard providing some soft vocals in the snippet below, but not before P. Reign spits some bars first. Drizzy sings...

"More rest and sex is all a nigga need
In a lifetime of stress tryna put my mind at ease
Im not lookin at the phone, too much shit been goin on
But while we got this moment of peace alone girl we should……"

Check out the 30 second snippet below, and don’t forget to peep the sexy artwork in the last slide above.