P-Dice is a former member of the Remy Boys who was featured on the original version of the smash hit "679," though he was kicked out of the group before the release of Fetty Wap's debut album. The "679" that ended up on Fetty Wap, released in September 2015, featured just Fetty and Monty, the only two current Remy Boys. At the end of last month, it was reported that P-Dice was suing Fetty over the song that he got removed from. He thinks his former crew mate owes him upwards of $7 million. P-Dice has now alleged that Fetty tried to settle with him for $1 million -- an offer that he swiftly declined. 

The Petting Zoo rapper gave a rundown of the current state of his financial dispute to TMZ, who caught up with him outside of a Panera Bread in NYC. "You don't take your foot of a n*gga's neck until he pays you what he owes you," P-Dice tells the reported after being asked if he was "still coming for Fetty's head." He claims that Fetty offered to pay him $1 million a couple of months ago, and no agreement has been reached since. 

P-Dice first tells the reporter that he won't accept anything less than $7 million, before he quickly reconsiders and says, "We ain't going no lower than 3." He goes on to affirm that he and Fetty will never collaborate again, even if he gets the millions that he's after.