Jason Bateman is enjoying the success of his new Netflix series Ozark. The crime-drama focuses on Bateman's charter Marty Byrde, who moves his family from the big city out to the boondocks. Byrde becomes entangled with a drug cartel after a deal goes wrong, and he must fight to keep his family safe while balancing a life of criminal activity to repay the debt. The move from the city to the sticks doesn't remove the element of crime, to Byrde's disappointment, and things become even more complicated.

The first season of Ozark was a sleeper hit, and now Netflix is gearing up to release season two. Bateman attended the Television Critics Association's summer press tour, this past weekend and according to The Hollywood Reporter, he explained to the audience that the new season will tackle new elements. "The writers understand that the audience wants escalation," he stated. "You don’t want redundancies. Sometimes that comes in the way of plot complication or emotional intensity." He also acknowledged fans and critics comparison of Ozark to Breaking Bad. “We feel fortunate any time we hear that. Of course, that show can never be touched," Bateman admitted. Netflix also dropped off a new trailer for the series, which is set to debut on August 31.