The fabled Oxford University is backtracking after claims that it denied rapper Stormzy a bid to sponsor two Black students through a "failed" scholarship initiative. Stormzy proposed the idea to the dean's office and awaited their reply. The grime artist further detailed his account of the story during a speaking engagement at the Barbican Centre in London.

According to spectators, Stormzy was forced to pitch the scholarship initiative to Cambridge University after his Oxford bid was graciously rejected. Cambridge University inevitably chose to accept Stormzy's bid, and so began the ensuing media sh*tstorm, especially after the rapper shared the news with the thousands in attendance.

Oxford issued an official statement denying the factuality of Stormzy's account of the situation. In response to claims they were unwilling to fill their student body with people from under-represented cultural backgrounds, they had this to say:

"Oxford University is committed to widening access and participation for all students from under-represented backgrounds. We admire Stormzy's commitment to inspire and support black students to succeed in higher education. We have not received or turned down any offer or proposal to fund undergraduate scholarships at Oxford."

Oxford University claims to have approached Stormzy's representatives with the goal of rectifying the situation. No word yet on a resolution, if at all possible.