What is probably the most sensible rapper and clothing brand collaboration continues with another collection of dope outerwear from Canda Goose in conjunction with Drake’s OVO label. The duo has collaborated in the past, but this collection has the product offering expanding a bit. It’ll still be super limited though.

This year’s collection steps away from the mono-black look of the previous set of jackets, instead opting for a couple of different camo looks. The main products are two military-inspired, lightweight shell jackets, perfect for when the warmer months get a bit wet. The camo pattern appears on both, one in traditional olive and the other in black and shades of gray. The OVO branding is fairly subtle, only appearing on the chest and the inner tag.

For those who want part of the action but don’t necessarily want to drop half a rack on a rain shell, there are matching baseball caps to each jacket. Everything goes on sale April 9, but you can only get the collection at one of the OVO flagship retailers in Los Angeles or Toronto, or online from Canada Goose.

If you aren’t sold on OVO gear, maybe Drake’s two new songs will help.