It's 2016, and producers are finally getting some respect. Songs are being valued more for their beats than their lyrics, and sometimes the producer drop that begins a track is a good predictor of whether it'll be a hit. They're getting more exposure now, but the truth is, producers have always been just as vital to the game as the rappers who rely on their beats. Can you imagine how different Jay Z's career would be if he didn't have Just Blaze? If DMX didn't have Swizz Beatz

The aforementioned hall-of-fame beatmakers recently got back into the spotlight when they decided to engage in the forgotten sport of beat-battling. What ensued was a thrilling show of the history they've each made and the skills they both still have. Swizz ended up as the de facto victor mostly due to the record he finished with -- an unreleased collaboration involving DMX, Jay Z, Nas, and Jadakiss. Some will debate on whether premiering the vaulted super-collab was a fair move, though it was an unquestionably legendary moment for the culture -- made possible by putting the two veterans in such a competitive forum. 

Their beat battle was so exciting that it has already paved the way for more rumored contests involving top producers, young and old. We have put together the 6 producer duels we would most like to see go down. You can choose a winner in each gallery, and then in the comments, tell us who you think would be the ultimate champion if these 12 guys entered the same tournament.