O.T. Genasis is on a whole other level of flexing lately. The rapper has been celebrating his birthday and is going hard for the occasion. The dude legit doused his Rolex with champagne in honor of his 31st birthday. The value of the timepiece is $100 000. Clearly, there is a disregard for the man-made concept of time and it's physical representation. Our homie is too fly for them details. The other dude who added his watch to the champagne shower seemed a little bit concerned though, pulling his hand out way early and wringing his wrists. Check out the shenanigans here.

This flamboyance comes as no surprise since the dude parties hard. The police actually crashed one of his last birthday celebration with helicopters and firearms. The cops swooped in fully-loaded because they believed someone was packing at the Los Angeles location. But don't get it twisted. Getting hype isn't the only priority on his agenda. Sometimes the rapper is busy making money moves. Either Way, O.T. always seems to be flexing one way or another. Sometimes it consists of showing off his boo and the affection they have for each other. Sometimes it's his dance moves as seen in his latest music video for "Cash On It."