The other nightO.T. Genasis was celebrating his birthday party in Los Angeles when all of a sudden the LAPD crashed the event with guns and helicopters circling the event. Apparently, someone was seen waving a firearm in the air but once the police arrived and did a search they found nothing and left. 

The "Cut It" rapper caught up with TMZ to discuss his birthday bash where he says maybe the police just "wanted to drink" with him. "There was no fight at the party, there as no guns that I saw at the party and the police came - I don't know why the police came," he says in the video below. "There was no drama. They came and crashed the party and messed up the party, but they did it at the right time because the party was over."

He lets it be known once again that there were no guns and all he knows is that he was drunk and he's still drunk as he's filming the recalling of the events.

Happy early Birthday to O.T. who officially enters his 30's on June 18th.