When it comes to NFL players, coaches and other on-field personnel protesting the American National Anthem, everyone's got an opinion. Positive, negative or in between, many pundits and celebrities, from the sports world and otherwise, have weighed on this controversial issue, only adding to the momentum that it continues to build up within the daily media cycle, seemingly without end. However, some have been more vocal than others, especially when you consider those in the hip-hop community. One rapper who had a particularly strong reaction recently was O.T. Genasis, who directed some bluntly harsh words towards one specific NFL owner.

The rapper was approached by TMZ on his way into a nightclub and was asked what he thought about the prospect of Jerry Jones, the polarizing owner of the Dallas Cowboys, benching members of the football team who chose to kneeling in accordance with the National Anthem protest. His response was simple: "if he do that, then f**k Jerry Jones." While no comment was put out in response to this statement by Jones or the Cowboys, Genasis is now just another of the many men and women in the United States who are standing with the NFL players who are choosing to protest inequality and systemic discrimination that continues to flourish, according to them, under the Trump administration.

Speaking of movements worth supporting, Genasis has also stood with those trying to legalize marijuana in America, keeping his eye on one particular benefit that he believes will have a large impact on the music industry. At the time, he was commenting on the Marijuana Justice Act, legislation that was introduced by Senator Cory Booker on August 1st of this year. It was a move that Genasis believed would change the rap game forever, a notion that may strengthen the cause and allow it to become more widely accepted down the road. Booker's aim with the bill was to minimize violent crime, especially in impoverished areas where gang violence and resulting death counts remain high. Only time will tell if Genasis will inspire reaction and perhaps some change with regard both this issue and the NFL anthem protests.