Hitting the club can occasionally lead to some potential pitfalls; overindulgence, unnecessary physical violence, and ballin' uncontrollably are but a few foreseeable conclusions. Unfortunately for O.T. Genasis, his own trip to the club quickly escalated into misfortune, according to a report from TMZ. Admittedly, some of the details on this one feel a little bit like heresay, particularly with regards to the age of select entourage members. In any case, one thing is certain; guns were indeed drawn by night's end.

In the wee hours of the morning, O.T. stopped by San Fernando's Good Nite bar with an squad of the homies and several women. Apparently, they decided that lines were optional and beeline straight for the bar, brushing past the bouncer for good measure. Apparently, the bartender proceeded to ask the ladies for ID, which did not bode well with one quick tempered individual. Police report that one of O.T.'s crew members pulled out a gun and got to threatening the establishment. TMZ alleges that the bartender pulled out the camera phone, which only infuriated the gun-toting man more. 

Eventually, police were called, though O.T. and company dipped prior to their arrival. Now, TMZ alleges that they are investigating the incident; consider that making criminal threats and brandishing weapons are felony charges. You might recall earlier this summer, when a simple game of bowling went awry at O.T's birthday, once again over a brandished weapon.