To think this all began because Keyshia Cole didn't like O.T. Genasis's remix of her song. The beef between these two continues to climb now that Keyshia's sisters have become involved in the war of words. Things seemed to have simmered down until Keyshia said she would vote for 21 Savage in an R&B battle between the Atlanta rapper and O.T. Genasis. Then, things kicked off later when O.T. made comments about Keyshia's private area. He would later claim that he was just joking and things were going too far, but Keyshia's sister Neffeteria "Neffe" Pugh wasn't quite finished giving him a piece of her mind.

O.T. Genasis, Malika Haqq, Frankie Lons, Keyshia Cole
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That caused O.T. Genasis to throw some crude jabs at their mother, Frankie Lons, who is currently in rehab to help with her addictions. Neffe isn't the only sister who has a few thoughts for the rapper, as Elite Noel has come forward with an onslaught of harsh comments aimed for both O.T. and his baby mama, Malika Haqq.

"Hey otgenasis you said you don’t like street b*tches and hoes and drug addics but ya baby mama been suckin d*ck in and out the Hollywood hills for decades ....... black d*ck , white d*ck , small d*ck , big d*cks.... skinny d*cks , fat d*cks , rich d*cks poppin pills 💊 like they Tylenol’s !!!!!!!!!!" she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Malika and their newborn son. "I want all the smoke bout my mama ...... and since I can’t catch him U gotta take the licks @malika and it’s not about keyshia nor neffe because they can handle they own ..... but my mama ...... that’s out wit me..... all bets are off! (We fuss and fight wit Frankie cause we love her , never on some hateful sh*t ! Gettin on social media jokin bout sellin my mama crack is some hateful sh*t! So now his family not exempt) and I ain’t talkin bout his baby nor his other kids ....I’m talkin bout his b*tch.... any of em....all of em ....line em tf up.""

That's not all. Read through more of Elite's messages below and watch as Frankie's son gives the rapper a piece of his mind, as well.

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It was funny at first to me only because I have my mother’s humor .....the whole remix fit his character..... he slow, y’all always make slow m*******s famous personally would have took it as a joke and kept it pushin was even cool when he tried to handle neffe in a disrespectful manner (she handled her own)...... but when u get to postin pictures of my mama gigglin about sellin her somethin that could have possibly killed her a million times that hit our hearts !!!!!!! Shit ain’t funny nomore ....... that’s pure hate! Rather it was displayed on a T.V show or not ...... joking about somebody slowly killing themselves is disgusting!!!!!!!! Especially when she got 7 kids suffering from the trauma of it all 🤯

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