Orlando Brown just can't keep his nose clean. The misguided former Disney star has been arrested on more than one occasion in the last year, and his epic mugshot from earlier this year now has a sequel piece. According to TMZBrown was arrested after he was caught changing the locks at the Legends Restaurant & Venue in Las Vegas this past weekend. In video footage of the incident, Brown can be seen walking around the kitchen of the venue. 

After walking around looking suspicious for about a minute, Brown disappears underneath the camera before he covers it up with a rag. Nice move, if it were still 1980. Legends Restaurant & Venue is owned by former Death Row artist Danny Boy, who is a friend of Brown's. Orlando triggered an alarm once inside the venue,  and Danny was alerted by his phone. He called the cops, who claim they discovered Brown on the roof of the building. He told police that he was there to change the locks with permission, but Danny told the authorities he was lying. Brown was then arrested. The fallen actor once again flashed a big grin for the mug shot cameras.

Danny told TMZ that Brown was recently released from the hospital and that he was giving his old friend a place to stay at the restaurant. Things got crazy when Danny discovered that Brown was stealing. Brown's bail has been set at $13k.