OLD is Detroit emcee Danny Brown's third studio project, released on October 8th via Fool's Gold Records. The audience rating on our review of the album stands at 85%, and we feel it's one of the better offerings of 2013, both sonically and lyrically. The production was handled by Paul White, A-Trak, SKYWLKR, Oh No, Corin Roddick, Rustie, JMIKE, Darq E Freaker and BadBadNotGood, a diverse group of musicians hailing from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. who've soundtracked a dark, psychedelic trip inside the mind of one of the game's most original poets. 

Danny summed up OLD's production in a recent interview with XXL, and we couldn't have put it better ourselves: "I made XXX with the aim of getting great reviews. And when I started making OLD, I was trying to think of artists that came back from getting great reviews and made an album that was just as good – or better! The only group I could really come up with was Radiohead. So if XXX was my OK Computer, then I’d have to make my Kid A next. So I studied Kid A, and I took away that it’s not so much about the lyrics as it is about the way the beats feel, so what drives this album is the production. I wanted to have the most amazing beats, but I still want them to sound minimal - it’s still gotta sound like a Danny Brown beat. It can’t sound like no fucking Kanye orchestra shit. That ain't me. That’s why I took so long with making this album. I was waiting for the perfect beats. And I got 'em."

Indeed. To our knowledge, 10 of the album's 19 tracks either sample or directly reference other songs. Let us know if we missed anything and we'll be sure to make the additions. You'll find our list is complete with both the new tracks and those they were sourced from. 

*Read all the words to OLD at gotbars.com.