Though the Oreo taste has become somewhat iconic insofar as cookies go, that hasn't stopped the Nabisco staple from expanding their horizons. With the summer season fast approaching, Oreo has unveiled five new flavors, including a few old favorites come again. A report from USA Today previews some of the upcoming flavors, including S'mores, the quintessential campfire treat; while it's difficult to replace the gooey bliss a properly balanced S'more can yield, who's to say an Orea wont make for a worthy replacement?

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Oreo will also be releasing a "Latte" flavor this June, as well as the "Marshmellow Moon" edition, which arrives in tandem with the Moon Landing's 50th anniversary. For the visually inclined, the latter batch features a neat purple variant on the white cream, which likely has little if anything to do with the flavor profile. Rounding things out are Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Oreos and Maple Cream Oreos, the latter of which are set to drop in August.

For more on the upcoming batch of Oreo cookies, look for more details right here.