You can't make this stuff up. As reported by The Gazettea group of teens attempted to rob a dispensary in Colorado Springs, but made one big error. They missed the weed. Smash and grabs have been occurring more often in Colorado Springs, with eager thieves attempting to rob dispensaries in the area. A group of teens allegedly stole a van and smashed it through Native Roots Dispensary at 3660 Austin Bluffs Parkway in northeastern Colorado Springs, but failed to steal any real goods. 

The teens smashed through two rooms before exiting the vehicle and robbing the store of several large jars of what appeared to be marijuana. They were, in fact, large jars of oregeno that manager Kim Casey says the dispensary uses for decorative display only. She claims the thieves missed the locked room where all the real weed is stored, and not a single gram of marijuana was stolen. Witnesses claim to have observed the teens lifting the jars, and several t-shirts, and then escaping in another vehicle that was awaiting their treasure. Maybe the kids can whip up some tasty pasta with their jars of oregano, since they most certainly won't be getting high. You would think kids could tell the difference by now.