In a world where social media has a lot to do with people's everyday lives and the troll worthy comments seem to never end, Oprah Winfrey has come through to shake things up a bit. The famed talk show host has created a new segment for her O Magazine called “Spread The Love” that sees her leaving positive comments on her fans' Instagram pages. 

"In a sea of internet trolls and negativity on social media, the O of O flipped the script and left some nice comments on a few unsuspecting followers," the caption for the first official clip reads. As seen below, Oprah drops a line on Kalen Allen's Instagram photo, writing: "Looks like you're living your best life!" 

Kalen followed up with a reaction video, where he explains (in tears) just how he felt when he received a notification that none other than Oprah dropped him a friendly line. “Y’all, I’m sorry, I’ve been crying because y’all will not believe this,” he said, holding back even more tears. “I’m over hear minding my own business like I always do… and I get this notification!”

Peep the full episode below.