The Hollywood Reporter announced it's first ever "Empowerment Issue" today and the first to serve as a person of focus is no other than talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey. The billionaire graced the magazine cover and sat down with the magazine for an in-depth interview. The latter surrounded an array of topics such as the upcoming 2020 elections, the now infamous R. Kelly interview which involved Oprah's best pal Gayle King as well as the backlash experienced following Winfrey's involvement in Leaving Neverland.

Precisely, when asked about the drag session initiated by MJ fans after she interviewed the alleged sexual assault survivors, Oprah boldly showed no regret: “I wasn’t even shaken by the fact that it was Michael Jackson, I was shaken by the fact that [filmmaker] Dan Reed had done a really good job of showing the pattern, and for years, I had been trying to show people the pattern. I’d been trying to say it’s not about the moment, it’s about the seduction.”

The response is not as shocking as it seems. After all, this is Oprah we are talking about--she is not new to the game. As such, experiencing backlash or "the hateration" as the billionaire called it is something she has learned to easily brush off. Moreover, Oprah admitted having only experienced such heinous retaliation from the public after the "Puppy Episode". Herein, talk show host Ellen Degeneres came out live on television.