The industry is reeling from the news of Young Dolph's death. Yesterday, Hip Hop was shocked to learn that Dolph was shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis while visiting a local cookie shop. It is reported that two men approached the rapper and opened fire before fleeing the scene. Photos of the suspects and their vehicle have been shared by the authorities and police are asking the public for their help in identifying the perpetrators.

The area outside of Makeda's Cookies in Memphis has become a makeshift memorial for the late rapper and fans, including young kids seen weeping in a newsreel, have descended on the location. On Thursday (November 18), it was shared that there was another shooting in the area, next door to Makeda's.

Young Dolph
Justin Ford / Stringer / Getty Images

Reports state that there were dozens of people at Dolph's memorial when someone began shooting. Following a "brief pursuit," two people were taken into custody—one at the scene and another nearby. There was one victim who was said to have been shot in the thigh and is expected to survive.

Witness Tommy Wright, a rapper from Memphis, told reporters that while at the memorial, there was a drive-by in between two buildings. He claimed he heard "two or three shots."

We were paying our respects. About thirty or forty people were placing flowers, signing the wall, and then a car drove by and started shooting,” he said. Some at the scene immediately rushed to the victim's aid. “Everybody, man, just scattered and hit the ground. They’ve blocked off the whole scene, it’s become another crime scene all over again.”