During one of Justin Bieber's recent shows in Frankfurt, Germany, he took of his "Cream White" AdidasYeezy Boost 350 V2s and chucked them into the crowd. 

Of course, the left shoe and right shoe weren't tossed in exactly the same location which means one fan went home with Biebs' right Yeezy, while another left with his left.

Shortly after the concert, someone claiming to be in possession of Bieber's right Yeezylisted the shoe on eBay with an opening bid of approximately $5,643.

There's still no way to authenticate if the size 8.5 Yeezy is in fact the one Biebs tossed into the crowd in Frankfurt, but Bieber's left Yeezy already has its own IG account, with over 6,000 followers, and it's also a size 8.5.

Watch some of the footage below. And if you're interested in a $5,000+ Yeezy that might've been worn by Justin Bieber, check out the listing here.