We've heard about a few drive-by shootings lately involving aspiring rappers. Yet another story of a drive-by shooting has surfaced, this time involving Bad Boy's French Montana.

A fan of the rapper died after the shooter opened fire outside of French's tour bus in Phildelphia. Police say French was chilling with fans outside his tour bus at the hotel following his performance at the TLA, when someone drove by and started shooting.

A 27-year old man was shot in the stomach, and after being rushed to the hospital he was pronounced dead. A second person was hit in the shoulder, but is in stable condition. Reports say that twenty-five people, including the Morrocan rapper, his entourage and fans are being questioned by the police. Three were taken into custody for carrying guns. The cops say that someone fired back after the initial shot.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said of shooting, "It's just ignorant. You fire into a crowd and you're gonna hit somebody. In this case, unfortunately, someone was killed. Don't know if they had anything to do with anything, if they were a fan or what."  

As of now, there are no suspects. Police say that French and his crew are cooperating with the investigation. 

[UPDATE: New details emerge on shooting]

As police continue to investigate the drive-by shooting that occurred after French Montana performed with Meek Mill at the Theatre of the Living Arts in Philly, we get more details on what occurred.

The Philadelphia Police Department does not think that French Montana was the target of the drive-by. A spokesperson for the department, Officer Christine O'Brien, told MTV News, "[He] was doing a show at the [Theatre of the Living Arts] with Meek Mill and they boarded the tour bus to go back to a hotel on Delaware Avenue where they were scheduled to have an afterparty." When the rappers arrived at the Holiday Inn Express around 12:10 a.m., there was around 100 people or more who had crowded around the tour bus outside of the hotel. Soon, a black four-door Sedan pulled up, and opened fire, causing chaos.

"It drives by and a passenger from that vehicle fired several shots," said O'Brien. The cops have reportedly recovered seven shell casings.

The fan who was shot in the chest and died was a Flushing, New York native by the name of Jowann King. The man who was injured during the shoot out has not been identified yet.

O'Brien continued, "They [the police] are still interviewing a ton of people. From what we were told he [Montana] was on the tour bus at the time and was not even aware of the shooting. The captain [in charge of the investigation] said everyone in [Montana's] group was more than cooperative with police."

We'll keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.

Check out French Montana's tweets addressing the situation below.