Early Sunday morning, two drunken women stumbled onto the subway tracks at the Broadway Junction A/C train platform in Brooklyn around 12:20 a.m., police told The NY Daily News. One woman, 23, was left dead.

MTA spokesman Shams Tarek says the woman fell between two subway cars as the A-train pulled away from the station. While attempting to save her, her friend tumbled onto the tracks as well, suffering a broken arm. 

One Twitter user who witnessed the incident wrote, "Just watched an intoxicated young woman stumble at the edge of the platform at Broadway Junction. Her friend tried to catch her & they both fell on the tracks. As the A train ran over them, people banged on the moving train to get it to stop. 1 dead & 1 in critical condition." He later added, "I was shook up. You could hear them moaning under the train.”

A homeless man at the station told The NY Daily News, "They were too close to the tracks.”

The survivor, 24, has been taken to Brookdale University Hospital.

According to DNAinfo.com, forty-eight people were killed by subways in New York City back in 2016 and in 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal, seven people were killed moving between subway cars.