Once Upon A Deadpool, the new watered-down, Princess Bride-infused remake of the very successful and Kanye-approved Deadpool 2 ("I love both Deadpool movies 🔥🔥🔥"), made around $1 million at preview screenings on Wednesday. The film, which showed in 1,566 theatres, is donating $1 from every ticket sold to help fight cancer. Predictions for the full release over this weekend are hard to make, as there hasn't really been anything like this before: a re-edit of an R-rated action/comedy movie, released as a semi-Christmas film where much of the profits will be donated to charity, but mostly as a joke about The Princess Bride. Not to mention, it's up against some tough competition in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, which also comes out this weekend.   

For the people who've already seen Deadpool 2, there isn't going to be much new in this movie except for the Fred Savage bedtime scenes, many of which we've already seen in the trailers, but there is apparently a heartwarming tribute to Stan Lee in the scene after the credits where Lee mulls over his legacy, saying: "I don't think about it that much, you know? When I'm gone, I really don't care."

Watch Deadpool and Fred Savage debate over and eventually belt out Nickelback in the movie's latest trailer: