A couple weeks before his 20th birthday, Wifisfuneral signed a deal with Alamo Records, the new Interscope imprint founded by former 300 Ent. executive Todd Moscowitz. Wifi has won fans, first in Florida, then across the nation, for the intense introspection, acute self-awareness, and emotional range he demonstrated on last year's Black Heart Revenge and this January's When Hell Falls. There's no doubt that he is in the midst of his come up, and he speaks on his journey from his early forays in rap growing up in Palm Beach, his hijinks in Orlando, and his artistic growth in the latest episode of HNHH's On The Come Up.

Casper Winter Jacket. Mozart LaFlare. These were the early rap personas that Wifi inhabited before he came up with the moniker Wifisfuneral with his friend Gabe (a.k.a. DJ Scheme). When he was 13 or 14, his mother bought him a crappy USB mic. He covered it with three socks, plugged it into Mixcraft 5, and recorded "the shittiest five mixtapes I ever released."

Wifi soon dropped out of school. His mom kicked him out of the house and he moved to the action-packed U House housing complex near UCF in Orlando. "It was one big-ass experience that I honestly needed in my life, because I felt like I got all the partying out of my system at such a young age that now I don't even like fucking going to the club," he said. "I hate the club."

Later in the interview, Wifi spoke on the making of When Hall Falls, a mixtape that began as a suicide note, and his artistic ambitions. "I want Wifisfuneral to live forever," he said. "I don't want Wifisfuneral to be just what you see right now, just somebody in the flesh rapping with some wifi bars on his face."