Few artists inhabit the emotional spectrum as fully and communicate their feelings as vividly as 18-year-old Kodie Shane. In the past 12 months she has joined Lil Yachty's Sailing Team, released four mixtapes, (2060, Little Rocket, Zero Gravity, Big Trouble Little Jupiter) and emerged as one of Atlanta's brightest stars of the future. She spoke to HNHH for the new season of #OnTheComeUp.

Shane comes from a large, musical family -- her older sister was in the R&B group Blaque, which toured with NSYNC and TLC in 1999, and would later on to appear on Nelly's "Grillz." She cut her teeth working with go-to producers Matty P and D. Clax and ghostwriting for a local Atlanta girl group. She spoke on her early dreams of becoming the first girl in the NBA, befriending Lil Yachty, her love of all things outer space, and artists with whom she most wants to collaborate.