David Jones, aka Jetpack Jones, is a rising 22-year-old emcee from Lakewood, California. In a rap game rife with superficiality, substance abuse and greed, he's bringing something much more positive and laid back to the table. He leads the Jetpack Movement, a "collective of individuals all striving to be the best version of themselves possible, not a second rate version of someone else." They embrace individuality and positivity and eschew society's labels. 

Already six free projects deep, Jetpack's name has been circulating on the Internet for some time now, and his fan base only continues to grow as he networks with promising young artists across the country and overseas. He has the unyielding support of DJ Carisma of Power 106 in LA, as well as the ever-expanding Young California lifestyle brand, which is also affiliated with rising artists Problem and IAMSU, among others. He's a representative of the TrustD clothing brand along with DJ Mustard and Audio Push, and his music is brought to life by impressive art direction on the regular. While he does embrace some contemporary rap music, he's also a traditionalist, inspired by Hip Hop of the golden era. We're confidant there are big things in Jetpack's future if he continues on this path.  

Read on for a breakdown of what he and his peers are doing right.