We took a breather in between seasons of On The Come Up. Season five, if you're in need of a refresher, featured the likes of 21 Savage (vertible rap star now), Madeintyo (continuing the glo up), Ralo (just signed to Gucci Mane), Wiki (underground darling) and more. We've got a lot more in store for season 6, with the first episode debuting today, starring r'n'b star in the making, Jacquees.

Jacquees has been releasing a lot of music lately too, so it's about time you get formally acquainted. He's fresh off a joint mixtape with DeJ Loaf, Fuck a Friendzone, as well as solo mixtape, Since You Playin. We caught up with Jacquees before all of this went down, to get the scoop on his rise.

Jacquees discusses his Atlanta origins, his high school youth and his knack for winning talent shows, Birdman's vibe in the studio (hand rub and all), his break-out effort Mood, and more. He cites The Temptations, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson as his main influencers, and the reason he wanted to pursue r'n'b. The singer leaves us with the fact that his debut album is titled 4275, and it's definitely in the works.

"4275, that's the debut album, 4275, that's where I grew up in Decatur," he says, adding, "I ain't gunna give away none of the features on the album cause the features crazy."

We'll definitely be checking for 4275.