It's just been announced that Meek Mill will support Nicki on the "Pinkprint" tour. Judging by his personality, Meek is no "opening act," but for Nicki, he'll gladly make an exception. In his own words, Nicki Minaj is "da best female ever". That tweet was from three years ago, and Meek's thirst goes back even further than that. Meek first tweeted about Nicki in October of 2009. 

Now, it's safe to say #Omeeka is somewhat of an item. After a series of cuddly Instagram pics hinted at romance, the two were spotted at the NBA All-Star Game together. Then, Nicki revealed that the two, indeed, like to have "fun" together. Five years of thirst appears to be finally paying off. There's hope for us all. It took three years for Nicki to get back to him, but Meek had some hilarious bursts of thirst along the way.