Omarion is the latest act to speak on the conversation at large surrounding R. Kelly and Lifetime's new documentary, Surving R. Kelly. The series takes viewers through an emotional ride as victims of the singer speak on the abuse, predatory moves and terrible acts he inflicted on them. Omarion is set to hit the road for the B2K reunion tour and has now come through with a message since R. Kelly has written some of the songs for the boy band. 

"As an artist & a champion of the arts, I am moved to share my position on #SurvivingRKelly which I haven’t seen but felt compelled to voice my position on this very serious issue since #rkelly has written songs for #B2K," he wrote, adding: "It’s important first to ACKNOWLEDGE that this has been an ugly truth in our industry for years and as opposed to dismissing its existence | its time to discuss it. EVERYONE has to be RESPONSIBLE. Many have bared witness to the unthinkable and yet have remained silent."

Scott Gries/Getty Images

The "Ice Box" singer's last tweet on the matter explains how B2K has decided to perform all hits on their tour knowing that "fans would be greatly disappointed" if they didn't, but after they will be retiring all R. Kelly collaborated tracks. "I too am raising a future queen," he wrote of his daughter. 

Peep the tour dates here.