Omarion's career hasn't aged as well as he does. His success is largely due to the fact that he was once the leading male of B2K but has since seen a major decline in his career. It's not to say he's a one hit wonder but it's looking like his shows aren't getting as packed as they once were. 

Omarion recently performed in front of an empty venue in Windhoek, Namibia on Friday night. According to reports, Omarion was supposed to be part of a press conference prior to his performance but he apparently fell through on those plans. His press run was part of his agreement for the show but his manager says that Omarion's lengthy flight caused him exhaustion which ultimately led him to fall back on the press conference. However, fans were allegedly heated by the fact that he decided to fall back that they decided to boycott his show that evening. Due to his contractual obligations, Omarion was forced to pull up to the show and perform. He later posted a video of the concert with the caption "As long as you had a good time."

The funny thing is former B2K group member, Lil Fizz, told the cast members and fans of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood that B2K has been dodging phone calls pertaining to a B2K reunion. 

South African entertainer, Phil Mphela, later went on a series of tweets addressing not only Omarion, but American guests, behavior in Africa. 

"Big up to Namibian press, influencers & people for teaching Omarion & future American guests a lesson. DONT DISRESPECT US!!" he tweeted, "Good to know tht other African countries, you disrespect their media, they dont suck up & push yr event anyway. Love u Namibia & Nigeria."

While Omarion may have been exhausted from his flight to do a press conference, it's fair to say the excuse didn't cut it for his fans and the media in Nambia. Maybe he'll return one day and follow through with his promises to his fans. 

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