Omarion is a smart businessman. Why not be the cause of enmity on Twitter at the expense of Tweeters who won't be buying tickets to his B2K reunion - the very opposite of a zero-sum game. For starters, Omarion is embarking on a reunion tour with his old bandmates at B2K. The "Millennial Tour" as they call it, will also draw upon performances from artist popular in the mid-to-late 2000s such as Bobby Valentino, Mario, Chingy, and Lloyd, all catering to a crowd born before the Y2K crash - hence why Omarion forwarded a ledger with strict guidelines for concertgoers, beginning with a cut-off age for participation, and a dress code banning the use of Balenciagas.

Next on his list of "restrictions" is a preferable model of dress for men: Air Force 1s, Untied Durags, Throwback Jerseys, baggy jeans two sizes too big (preferably). For women, bubble coats with fur are all the rage, as well as Throwback Jersey "dresses," and velour tracksuits two sizes too big (preferably).

As you might expect, Omarion attempt at humor incurred quite a response from the Twitterverse, as well as a scornful reception from the post-millennials who were deliberately shown the door in the process. Case in point, the B2K reunion tour isn't for everyone; stay in your respective lanes, if at all possible.