Omarion is gearing up for a new album, Reasons, to follow up his recent release Sex Playlist. The MMG-signed singer found a new wave of success with his hit single "Posed To Be," which he discusses in our recent interview-- despite being around for quite some time, somehow that record turned out to be the biggest one of his career.

"Reasons was birthed out of the success of "Posed To Be." My history is no mystery-- people know how long I've been in the entertainment biz. For me to have a song not only as big as "Posed To Be," but a song that is the biggest song of my career is kinda like, 'wow.' A lot of people counted me out, a lot of people didn't understand that I'd get to this place, so Reasons is an answer to all of that," Omarion tells us.

The singer went on to reveal some of the collaborators he's tapped for Reasons, including producers like Nic Nac (responsible for Chris Brown's "Loyal"), Knxlwedge, The Stereotypes, as well as artists Verse Simmonds, James Fauntleroy and more.

Omarion had nothing but praise to say about his collaborator Fauntleroy, "James Fauntleroy, who is not only a great friend of mine, but I consider him like a young Yowda."

Watch the full interview below. Reasons drops on October 23rd.