Beyonce earned herself the title of "Entertainer of the Year" last night at the 50th NAACP Awards ceremony. Unfortunately, any plans the Beyhive may have had for a joyous celebration came to a screeching halt when Omari Hardwick planted, not one, but two congratulatory kisses on the singer's face, how dare he?

Jay-Z was literally inches away from Beyonce when Hardwick schmoozed his way into the mix, and to add insult injury, Omari had just finished posing for a photo with the Roc Nation founder with far less enthusiasm. Interestingly enough, it was the Hive and not Hova who got defensive at the thought of Omari invading Beyonce's personal bubble. The following posts illustrate just how unified the Beyhive is at all times - on all fronts.

First off, I'm not in the Beyhive, never will be. But If I were to put myself in their position, I must say: the first kiss is more defensible than the second. From a cultural relativist point of view, "smooch number one" looks to be a textbook greeting. On the other hand, "smooch number two" lands too close to Beyonce's mouth, resulting in a level of discomfort felt by all parties. I'd assume Omari felt a little weird himself, given that his freakish tendencies got the best of him on live TV.