Here's where we are in the Ryan Lochte robbery story today: Jimmy Feigen and Ryan Lochte were reportedly charged with false reporting of a crime. The other two men, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz, were finally allowed to leave Brazil after speaking with Rio police officials on Thursday afternoon. 

Feigen, however, has worked out a deal that will allow him to leave the country free of prosecution once he makes an $11,000 donation to a Brazilian charity called Reaction Institute.

Video surfaced yesterday of the group being confronted by a security guard after they trashed a gas station bathroom, and it painted a completely different picture than what was originally reported by Lochte

According to ABC,

"The athletes broke mirrors and damaged other things in the bathroom, police said. The athletes initially refused to stay, but security asked the taxi not to leave. Another person stepped in to interpret between the athletes and the guards, and the athletes left money, police said."

All three of Lochte's teammates have reportedly told Rio officials that he was the one who fabricated the entire story and it looks like all three are finally in the clear. Lochte's case is a different story but since he's already in the U.S. it's unclear what Brazilian police officials plan to do about the situation.