A shocking video came out on Wednesday of former Olympic cross-country skier Max Hauke being caught red-handed as he received a blood transfusion as part of an attempt to dope for the Nordic skiing world championships in Seefeld, Austria. Hauke, who is actually a police cadet, was raided by police and the whole thing was caught on camera. You can clearly see the skier with a needle in his arm and tubes going all over the place. According to the New York Post, he was receiving a treatment that increased his red blood cell count through a procedure that removed his blood, doped it up, and then transfused it back in his body.

Hauke is training partners with Andrew Young of Britain, who said he was upset with Hauke and what he saw. 

“I am getting nauseous. It is disgusting to look at,” Young said. “There is no room for it in sports and I did not realize that he was doing it. It is difficult to describe what you feel after seeing a friend cheating. I don’t hate him, but at the same time, I don’t want him back in the cross-country circuit. You can’t come back after you’ve done that.”

Hauke reportedly admitted to doping and has been cooperating with the police investigation. It is believed that the sting was a part of a larger German-based "criminal operation" that has allegedly been in the doping business for quite some time now.