The new Predator film continues to have a rocky start.

The Shane Black-helmed feature was revealed on September 6th to have employed a registered sex offender, Steven Wilder Streigel.  In 2010 the actor plead guilty to claims that he had inappropriate interactions with a 14-year-old girl, a move that led to six months in prison.

Actress Olivia Munn, who exposed the true nature of her costar, has felt the reply from her director to be somewhat non-existent.  While Twentieth Century Fox has moved to swiftly delete the scene and deny knowledge of Streigel's history, Munn feels Shane Black has been particularly silent on the issue.

While the Iron Man 3 director did put out a public apology, he has yet to contact Munn privately. She told reporters it was "disheartening" that she had to work so hard to make the truth known, further noting that "the people on top" are only compelled by the "bottom line," making changes and sidelining abusers only when there is a distinct public outcry.

Black mentioned his casting choice to the LA Times as "choos[ing] to help a friend," an attempt to give the actor a second chance. Munn notes she "wasn't given that choice," arguing that she will "never give a second chance to anyone who ever hurts a child."

It remains to be seen if Black will reach out to the actress, or if Hollywood's reckoning in the wake of #MeToo will have a lasting impact on how the business is run.