Olive Garden is looking to cater, even more, to its loving fans and pasta lovers all over. The Italian Kitchen is upping the stakes from last year by offering customers a chance to snag an unlimited pasta pass for the year, by just paying $300. Previously, the franchise offered only eight week passes for $100, but since the cards sold out in minutes, they are now coming through with year-long memberships. 

The pass offers unlimited pasta, soup and salad as well as their beloved breadsticks. Paying $300 for unlimited meals at any restaurant is a pretty good deal if you consider the destination one of your favourites to eat out. "Our super fans have turned this into a phenomenon," Olive Garden's executive vice president of marketing, Jennifer Arguello, told Business Insider. "But, every year when pasta pass comes to an end, we hear from them. We hear that they're bummed it's over." 

There are only 1,000 annual passes available and sales will begin on Thursday, August 23rd so if you're looking to score one for yourself or a friend click here to register and get the (bread) ball rolling.