Tekashi 6ix9ine's name continues to be on many-a-mouth. Last night, he found himself in a heated exchange with fellow Freshman Class aspirant Bhad Bhabie, who venomously dubbed him "Trippie Redd's son" in a heated tirade. The self-proclaimed king of New York rapper has enemies in every corner, and that's exactly how he likes it. Unfortunately, the bias against 6ix9ine's meteoric rise seems to be rubbing a few prominent media figures the wrong way. Old Man Ebro recently went off on Twitter, all but confirming that 6ix9ine will be omitted from the upcoming Summer Jam lineup, despite being one of N.Y's most prominent young artists.

Naturally, this led to many a Tekashi stan coming for Ebro's head, and the various exchanges were captured on Twitter. This isn't the first time Ebro has been dubbed an enemy of the youth; after all, this is the man who unsuccessfully attempted to persuade Lil Uzi to rap over DJ Premier. He proceeded to rattle off a few "fightin' words" in the direction of Tekashi's fanbase, whom he dubbed "internet dorks" without exception. While it's true that Tekashi's rise largely popped off due to the internet, it does seem ignorant to hit millions of people with a blanket statement; hell, the majority of modern-day hip-hop listeners are no doubt internet savvy. 

Check out some of Ebro's tweets below. Is he out of his element a la Donny? Or does the Old Man have a point about the rainbow headed wonder?