Something completely out of whack occurred during last night's broadcast of the Oklahoma Thunder/Memphis Grizzlies NBA match up. What should have been a historic timestamp for Russell Westbrook was otherwise tarnished by an insensitive remark by Brian Davis, the play-by-play commentator for the Oklahoma City Thunder for over eight seasons. 

The historic milestone lies in Russell Westbrook achieving a stat line which pushed his season totals to a staggering triple double of 25.4 points, 10.3 assists, and 10.1 rebounds on average per game. Russell Westbrook was able to meet the mark for the second consecutive season after grabbing a total of 16 rebounds on the night.

The egregious error of judgement committed by Brian Davis occurred in the 2nd quarter after Westbrook hit a shot from the perimeter. As the bucket begins to fall, Brian Davis inauspiciously remarks that "Westbrook is out of his cotton-picking mind.” No explanation suffices in explaining his rationale on the call.

The Thunder organization, his employers reached out to him to ensure they were on the right side of history: "We’ve discussed it with the announcer and let him know that. He assures us it was not meant in any sort of offensive or derogatory manner and he apologizes."

At this point, it seems Brian Davis will escape without punishment. Congratulations to Westbrook on his achievement. The Oklahoma Thunder will face the upstart Utah Jazz in the first round of the playoffs, starting on Sunday.