Former pornstar Mia Khalifa is a seasoned veteran when it comes to handling the massive influx of men sliding into her DMs. And she has no problem blasting anyone that dares approach her via direct message including, but not limited to, college football quarterbacks, NFL players, and professional baseball stars.

That said, it's rare that Khalifa, a noted Washington D.C. sports fanatic, is the one getting rejected. The tables were turned over the weekend however when she sent a couple of tweets to Oklahoma Sooners quarterback and Heisman candidate, Baker Mayfield.

After tweeting "Daddy" at Mayfield and getting no response, Mia Khalifa sent the end all be all, "You up?" to the Sooners QB which finally warranted a response. Unfortunately for her, his response was a swift rejection coupled with the good 'ol 'block' button.

"Nah. I got my girl, I'm pretty lucky to have somebody like her in my life too."

Khalifa took the denial in stride, tweeting a screenshot of Mayfield's blocked twitter page with the caption, "Getting curved is a part of life #boomer." 

Check out the twitter exchange below.

Just a few weeks ago it was Mia Khalifa who publicly called out Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras on social media for repeatedly trying to get her attention via twitter DM. The 25-year old star had been trying to get Mia's attention for a little over a month before she finally aired him out.

Mia previously bodybagged former Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly, who had tried to get her attention not once, but twice, and was promptly rejected both teams. Former Buffalo Bills safety, Duke Johnson, also felt Mia's wrath back in 2015 when he dared to trespass into her DMs.