Oklahoma City Thunder forward Andre Roberson inked a three-year $30 million deal to stay in OKC last night, which called for a celebration with some of his friends.

According to TMZ, Roberson and 12 of his buddies went to Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, Texas last night for drinks worth a grand total of $487.13.

That's not a particularly noteworthy bill, especially for a professional athlete who just signed a contract worth $30 mil, but Roberson's celebratory night out is being discussed today because of the $13.97 tip he left.

Roberson was called out online by a twitter egg for the "cheap tip," but he defended himself by saying he only got one bottle and "there was no service." 

And as it turns out, he actually tipped $1.10 more than he intended to. Check out the tweets below.