Ever since being released from prison, O.J. Simpson has been keeping a bit of a low profile. Simpson is a pretty infamous guy so it only makes sense that he would try to remain lowkey now that he's out of jail. Despite that though, O.J. was recently spotted by a TMZ cameraman who approached Simpson and asked him about what he thought about his good buddy President Donald Trump. Simpson and Trump were friends back in the 80s and early 90s and have been spotted partying it up in the past.

Simpson explained that the man he knew back then is a lot different than the one who is currently in the White House and that he has no clue what will happen in terms of Trump being potentially impeached. Although he did say that if Trump continues to associate himself with people like Roger Stone, it won't end well for him.

Stone was recently arrested by the FBI and in the aftermath of it, Stone compared himself to El Chapo and Osama Bin-Laden which O.J. said was ridiculous. He mentioned that Bin-Laden was killed and left his home in a body bag as opposed to Stone who was arrested in handcuffs without a scratch on him.

What do you think of Simpson's political takes?