While the intensity of the controversy surrounding Gayle King's recent interview with Lisa Leslie is dying down a bit, O.J. Simpson chiming in with his two cents it's worth taking into consideration for a moment. To recap the controversy, King has been receiving heavy criticism for asking Leslie about whether Kobe Bryant's past rape allegations leave a stain on his legacy. 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Boosie Badazz all publicly denounced King for bringing this up so soon after Bryant's passing. Oprah, who is a close friend of the CBS This Morning host, detailed that King was struggling with all the backlash and had to increase her security due to violent threats. 

O.J. Simpson has made a habit of sharing selfie videos on social media, speaking his mind on whatever topic he so pleases. With the King story taking over the news, O.J. recalled his past issues with her. “I’m not the most objective guy when it comes to Gayle King," he said. “Two years back on national TV that she made a comment that it was inappropriate for me to be visiting my ex-wife’s grave, something that my family and friends have done for years on birthdays, Christmas and special occasions — something that’s none of her business and I couldn’t understand why she felt the need to make that comment on national TV.”

The Juice then got into why he disapproves of what King did during the Leslie interview. “The other thing is this Kobe Bryant, Gayle King thing. I know this thing about Kobe, she’s going to claim ‘journalistic integrity.’ A whole lot of people that have journalistic integrity didn’t feel that this was the right time to do that. There will be plenty of time in the future to bring up all aspects of Kobe’s life. Right now we should be celebrating the greatness of Kobe and his family. God bless Kobe and his family. I’m just sayin, take care.”